We review the most comfy women’s trainers and shoes

Do you ever struggle to find comfortable walking shoes or women’s trainers? There’s nothing quite as annoying as forking out for a comfy looking shoe, only to find yourself covered in blisters within minutes.

If you’re planning a city break with lots of walking, a fitness challenge, or just want a pair of trainers that won’t rub, we’ve got solutions!

The Top Sante staff are putting women’s shoes and trainers that claim to be comfy through their paces, for rigorous reviews. We’ll be adding to this as new shoes get released, so check back to find your ideal pair.

Best trainers for…Aerobics class

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave review

£99.95 from sportsshoes.com

How do they look?

Very stylish although the neon pink soles mean these stand out a mile off! The fabric on top is soft and woven, really different to any shoes I’ve had before and good for a warm day or sweaty exercise class. Perhaps less good for rainy walks though.

Were they comfy?

I took them to a Zumba class to try them out. Beforehand I was a little anxious – I suffer from plantar fasciitis (sore heels, to you and me) and Zumba and other dance classes can exacerbate the pain. Happily, the thick, fairly rigid sole did a great job of protecting my sore feet, and I was able to get a good sweat on! The only downside was they were slightly slippery on a fast turn, but I will definitely be wearing these again.

Best trainers for…Outdoor running

Brooks Glycerin 16 Women’s Running Shoe review

£135 from brooksrunning.com

How do they look?

These pink beauties aren’t for wall flowers (although there are more subtle shades available) and they drew some envious looks when I took to the treadmill! Sometimes when getting ready to work out, it’s the little things that make the difference, and their cheery colour was an extra boost of motivation on a grey morning.

Were they comfy?

The new Brooks Glycerin 16 are like running on little clouds. If you, like me, enjoy a very padded running shoe then these are a great choice, and saw me comfortably through runs both indoor and outdoor. They sit a little lower on the ankle than some, so if you pronate a lot they might not work as well, but for mild pronation and those wanting protection on tender heels, they are wonderful.

Best trainers for… Day-to-day walking

Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0 review


£57.95 from www.excell-sports.com

How do they look?

The rose gold combination is even prettier than I thought it would be from the photos on the website, and the slip-on, sporty design is aesthetically pleasing rather than simply functional.

Were they comfy?

I wore these Skechers on holiday at the coast, where I walked for miles every day on stony beaches. Normally at the end of the day my feet would ache, but the memory foam insoles made such a difference, I hardly felt a thing! They were a little snug at first and I thought that maybe I should have sized up, but after a few days of wearing them in they were very comfortable. They’re very lightweight and flexible, so I imagine they’ll be perfect for classes at the gym as well as for everyday use.

Best trainers for…Gym sessions

Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Shoes review


£84.95 from adidas.co.uk

How do they look?

I’ve never been one to wear a bright white shoe, and these were rather noticeable next to my muted gym kit! They also feel quite large, so you feel slightly cumbersome as you adapt to the added width of your feet.

Were they comfy?

Once I got used to their wide soles and stopped tripping myself up, they were actually very comfy as they are so cushioned and have plenty of thickness through the soles to protect your feet. They are made in a sock style, which makes them a little tricky to squeeze your feet into in a hurry, but does mean plenty of ankle support.

Best trainers for…summer workouts

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 review


£100, New Balance

How do they look?

The bright coral of these trainers add a pop of colour to your workout, which is especially great if, like me you have a sea of black workout clothes! The design is sleek which appeals to me as I have quite large feet and find some trainers make me look like I’ve escaped from clown school. With these this is not the case and I have even been wearing them for non-fitness activities.

Were they comfy?

In a word, yes. The uppers are made from a breathable mesh, which makes the shoe much lighter and cooler, which has been great through this heatwave. They offer a good amount of support and the cushioning has been ample for the workouts and running I have done in them, although if I were to run more than a 5K I would swap to my more substantial running shoes.


Best shoes for…bunions

Calla Shoes Emma in Black Suede


Now £104 (down from £130), Calla Shoes

How do they look?

If you’re looking for something elegant but suffer from bunions, it can be hard to find something comfy but pretty. These Calla Shoes are very high quality, with soft suede and sturdy stitching. Best of all, they don’t look medical, the way some bunion-proof shoes can do.

Were they comfy?

Extremely, as the shoes come up around the feet to cover and cushion the bunion. Nice padding within the shoe itself means the whole effect is very soft and easy.

Best trainers for… ankle protection

Pozu’s Butterfly Hi review


£65, po-zu.com

How do they look?

These extremely trendy sneakers have a Converse vibe, but they’re made from organic cotton with a Fair Trade rubber sole. Cool and conscious.

Were they comfy?

The high ankle means you’ve got extra support there (good for a repeat ankle-rolling offender like me), and the memory foam ‘foot mattress’ provides support for my low arches.

Best shoes for… country walking

Wild-Fire Waterproof Women’s Walking Shoes review


£70 from greavessports.com

How do they look?

They’re sturdy but stylish, with suede and mesh, breathable uppers and a flash of purple around the top. They’ve got a reflective bit on the heel to keep you visible at night and stain-resistanttechnology so they should stay looking newish for longer. A good look that’s not too ‘heavy-duty walking shoe’ but still has all the technical gizmos for good grip and cushioning.

Were they comfy?

These were very light and flexible from thefirst outing, so didn’t need to be ‘broken in’ at all. They were a bit snug though, despite ordering my usual size, so it might be worth going up a size, especially if you’ll have walking socks on with them.

Best trainers for… Treadmill running

Saucony’s Life on the Run Freedom ISO 2 review


From £100, saucony.co.uk

How do they look?

These shoes are adorable. They fit my size 2.5 feet (yes really) perfectly, and have that nice cushioned look with the fat tongue like my Vans from the 90s, whilst having a modern, pattern designed to represent white noise, tying in with the range’s promotion of running for mindfulness. But, being white means I have avoided any rainy or off-road running!

Were they comfy?

They are super comfortable thanks to their ISOFIT technology, which means the trainer wraps around the foot ensuring great fit as the laces are pulled, whatever your foot shape. They also feature Saucony’s latest development, FORMFIT, which is three layers of foam that cradle the foot whilst putting the topsole cushioning as close to the foot as possible for maximum pressure dispersion.

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