These Two Stores Beat Out Trader Joe’s As America’s Favorite Grocery Chain

In a recent survey conducted by Market Force, nearly 13,000 participants ranked stores based on their value for money, speedy checkouts, availability of items, ease of finding items, cashier courtesy, store cleanliness and more.

The two winners that tied for the metaphorical gold trophy scored big with a 77% rating. Trader Joe’s Market came in a close second scoring a 76% and H-E-B followed with a score of 69% to take third.

Publix, America’s largest employee-owned supermarket chain, has ranked second the past four years in the survey, so it’s no surprise the Florida-based store finally hit number one. For Wegmans, this is the second consecutive year it’s made its way to the top of the charts.

And how do these results benefit us shoppers now? Each store’s individual attributes were also revealed, which means you’ll never have to guess again which store should be your go-to.

If supermarkets overwhelm you, Publix is your best bet—customers said they had the easiest time finding items there and the fastest checkouts. The Florida-based chain also beat out the rest in store cleanliness.

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Wegmans surpassed the others for its specialty department service and also second in item availability.

Trader Joe’s won in cashier courtesy making your checkout that much better as you fork over your cash—Publix and Wegmans followed closely behind in that category, too.

And if value is what you’re after, go find your local Aldi.

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