Take a Moment to Look at These Pictures of Hot Guys Eating Hummus

Hot Dudes and Hummus

Every now and then, an Instagram account comes along to remind us why we continue to participate in this whole social media thing day after day for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Maybe it’s Drake lyrics written on cakes. Or perhaps Meryl Streep melting inside of a mozzarella stick is more your speed.

Right now, though, we are all about Hot Dudes and Hummus. In case you need further explanation, it is pictures of hot dudes eating hummus. The account appears to be based out of Israel, which explains the regional cuisine choice — though, let’s be honest, it is just as applicable to even the most basic American palate.

And so, as we go about our stressful lives, let’s all take a moment to pause, reflect and appreciate the sacrifice of these brave young men to eat hummus while also being very, very hot.

If it’s hunger you’re feeling after all this, we’ve got you covered. If it’s lust, well, you’re on your own.


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