Revel in Footage of Celebrities Grabbing Candy Parachutes at the Oscars



It might be Hollywood’s biggest night. You might be wearing a suit that cost more than the average American’s car’s Kelly Blue Book value. But nothing — nothing! — brings us all back to a common level like candy raining from the sky.

And when Jimmy Kimmel manages to make just that very thing happen during his stint as Academy Awards host, well, you get to see celebrities revert a little back to their past selves. And it’s amazing.

First, full video footage of the candy drop:



You’ll notice Ryan Gosling never moves his hand from his chin while watching a ton of candy fall from the sky in parachutes. That’s class. That’s composure.

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Pharrell, genuinely beaming at the prospect of sky-candy.


These are the most genuine expressions of joy we’ve ever seen from any human beings, ever.



Look at the combination of reverence and awe with which Michelle Williams regards her sky-candy.


You’ll notice Casey Affleck does not crane his neck to watch the falling candy’s trajectory, but instead remains focused on watching them drop from the ceiling. It’s all about perspective.

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Here’s an higher-altitude view of the moment.



Taraji P. Henson is all of us when confronted with the idea of free candy.

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And she is not shy about checking in on other people’s stashes.



Look at the grace with which Andrew Garfield casually grabs this parachute.

All the awards are secondary at this point. The real magic occurred when candy rained from the sky. Remember where you were.

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